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Sunday, March 01, 2015 01:53 PM

Why does SmartSearch choose to partner with SDHR?

We are honored to be affiliated with such a prestigious organization and believe in the SDHR mission. SDHR supports the field of Human Resources which is an important stakeholder for us at SmartSearch. Plus, SmartSearch headquarters is located in San Diego County, and we believe in supporting local businesses.

What would you like the SDHR community to know about SmartSearch?

SmartSearch is the best choice for a very good reason, unlike other ATS companies we’re not a commodity product, we tailor SmartSearch to meet our customer’s needs. When it comes to SaaS, we view our service as important as the software. Another key differentiator is that we want to be the best not the biggest. Unlike many of our competitors who buy market share and exist only because of extensive venture capital, SmartSearch is completely debt free and have been profitable for 25 consecutive years. Since we are not required to devote time and energy to a financier’s exit plan, we can devote 100% of our energies to improving our product and our enhancing our customer’s experience.

We’re truly a customer-focused company, our track record proves it, as most of our new business comes from referrals. Three of our original five clients from 1986 are still with APS and of the first 10 clients, six are still with us.

What do you enjoy the most about the relationship between SmartSearch and the SDHR community?

We have forged some wonderful relationships with various members of SDHR and consider this group to be one of our best resources for networking and learning more about the HR activities taking place in the area.

What is your role at SmartSearch?

I am a former recruiter with over 13 years in recruiting and HR experience in the San Diego market. When I speak with our clients and prospective customers, I understand the needs and challenges they face. I am able to quickly understand and identify solutions to help make their work more efficient and timely.

How does SmartSearch support the HR community?

We offer virtual work opportunities for our employees so we’re spread out around the country. We’re members of our respective local SHRM organizations and involved in various activities such as community outreach programs and the National Standards for Workforce Planning Committee. My colleague Sylvia Dahlby is a volunteer speaker for SHRM-National’s Get-A-Life program and speaks to local high school students on careers and workforce readiness, and also serves on the When-Work-Works committee to promote virtual/flex work to local employers.

Additionally, we hold or have held director-level positions on local SHRM Boards. We attend and exhibit at select SHRM events on local & national levels and provide sponsorship/support at these events.

We also partner with subject matter experts to present free "smart practices" webinars throughout the year. These informative and timely webcasts are open to members of the human resources, recruiting and staffing community.

Rob encourages you to connect with him directly by email at, in the office at 760.941.2800 x7133, or by cell at 760.533.3877. You can find him on LinkedIn at

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