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Wednesday, April 01, 2015 01:53 PM

Why did you choose Human Resources as a career?

I believe HR chose me, not the other way around!  Since I spent most of my adult life involved with the inter-personal relationships of family and child-rearing, I have found that the ‘people-skills’ I gained are put to good use in my role as HR Administrator.   Everything from compliance issues to counseling employees who are dealing with inter-office conflicts to organizing company events correlate with the tasks involved in successfully running a family.  I am also privileged to work in a great company that has allowed me to learn and grow in my position.

What do you enjoy most about your current role at CRES?

My favorite part is getting to help everyone grow professionally, and personally.  I love working with the Management Team to support their efforts to be the best for their employees, teaching classes in leadership and teamwork, serving as chairperson on our Culture committee, and being able to provide one-on-one coaching and counseling.

When did you join SDHR Roundtable?  And how do you use your SDHR Roundtable membership in your current role?

I joined in 2014.  Since I have had very little formal HR training, I depend on the SDHR Roundtable monthly meetings to provide invaluable information on various topics.  I enjoy interacting with other HR professionals, hearing their comments and experiences, and taking advantage of their insights.  Everyone is so supportive and ready to give advice.  It is a wonderful organization.  I really appreciate Jennifer Johnson’s outstanding efforts in leadership.  Everyone involved in the SDHR Roundtable is first rate.

CRES Insurance Services is a Managing General Agent for Errors and Omissions insurance for Real Estate Brokers and Agents, and Mortgage Brokers.  We sell E & O Insurance in all 50 states, and have been an industry leader in California for nearly 20 years.  Our products include Sellers’ Protection coverage for home sellers, and we offer Risk Management consultation as part of our services.  We work to fulfill our Mission Statement of minimizing our clients’ business risks so they can focus on their current and future business success. 

Janet encourages you to connect with her at

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