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Saturday, August 01, 2015 01:53 PM

 Here are the 8 rules I use to choose content for SDHR:

  • Is it SACOU? (Yes, this is an awful acronym) 
    • Smart – did you learn something from it, or did I just steal a couple of your IQ points?
    • Available – is it relatable to all or most of the SDHR audience?
    • Credible – is the source reliable, ethical and a known entity, or did the website pop up yesterday?
    • Objective – is the information or opinion unbiased, and if not, is it well-supported?
    • Useful – will reading this post inform, educate or entertain my HR professional audience? Every post should either make you laugh, see a side of an issue you didn’t before, or learn something new, however small or large.
    • Everyone Loves A List: lists are a social media content staple, because they read well on all devices, and they are easy to digest, visually
    • Trending Topics: I try to strike a balance
      • I choose the topics that show up most often in the newsfeed, because that’s what’s on the collective mind
      • But I don’t want to over-post on the same topic, because there are so many posts covering the same ground over and over

                           i.      A great example of this right now is Millennials behaving Millennially

  • Variety in the newsfeed: a great way to ensure variety in the content is to have variety of sources in my newsfeed.
    • I strike a balance between big media and small, local and national, institutional and personal
    • Some of my sources include:

                           i.      HR Examiner

                           ii.      Fistful of Talent

                           iii.      TLNT

                           iv.      SHRM’s three newsfeeds

  • Infographics: pictures and graphics are almost as enticing as cat videos
  • Follow the big stories in business: I also read Forbes,, Mashable, and similar sources for the stories that affect the business as a whole, because H.R. has to know what’s happening inside and outside the business.
  • Stay true to SDHR Roundtable mission – no clickbait!
  • And, SDHR news: member events and job postings, because you’re busy people!

As Jay Baer writes in Youtility: “Marketing is about help not hype,” and that is what the San Diego H.R. Roundtable social media content philosophy is all about.

If you’re a member, and you don’t have access to the Members-Only LinkedIn Group, please email Barbara Pierre, Membership Director, at

If there’s a blog or social media account you think I should be reading and sharing, please contact me at I’d love to hear from you!

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