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Friday, August 01, 2014 01:52 PM

Sanel Lekic, Senior Director of Talent Acquisitions and Retention at Vericare

Sanel Lekic has over 20 years of experience in Human Resources talent management in the medical, entertainment and hospitality industries.  He began his career in Arizona as a Recruitment Acquisitions and HR Manager at Platinum Media Corporation, and then moved on to the Four Seasons Resorts International and The Mayo Clinic.  He moved to San Diego in 2001 to join UCSD Medical Center and then Scripps Mercy Hospital.  In 2007, he relocated to Beverly Hills where he served as a Manager of Talent Acquisitions at 20th Century Fox TV and Film.  In 2009, Sanel returned to San Diego and his healthcare roots to join Vericare, a leading provider of comprehensive and integrative behavioral healthcare services, as a Manager of Recruitment and Retention. In 2011, Vericare received SHRM’s Prestigious Workplace Excellence Award recognizing innovative and exceptional human resources and recruitment processes. As a key lead of the team, Sanel considers this a great accomplishment not just for him individually, but for the organization as a whole.  Sanel is currently Senior Director of Talent Acquisitions and Retention at Vericare, which makes him responsible for providing strategic direction and leading recruiting efforts across eight states encompassing over 1,300 facilities. We asked Sanel some questions about himself and his membership in San Diego HR Roundtable.

Why did you choose Human Resources as a career?

I didn’t actively choose HR as a career; I would say more accurately that HR found me. However, once I got into it, I knew I was born to do this. I can say I entered the field of HR due to my interest in and curiosity about human psychology, and I find it very satisfying to unleash the right individual talents towards organizational objectives.

What do you enjoy most about your current role at Vericare?

What I enjoy most about my current role is the relationship building I do among hiring managers, senior executives and the talent pool. It is tremendously rewarding to hear from former candidates who are excelling in their careers and roles. I am so pleased to work with current and former applicants who may have been interviewed as interns and who now run their own regions and departments. I enjoy helping people land their next big opportunity or move to the next career level. As far as my company goes, I enjoy being a part of a Senior Executive Team, which allows me to have an impact on the success of the business and on the lives of the people in it. Being a great HR leader is highly dependent on working for a CEO who truly appreciates the value of people. Our CEO believes having an expert to lead HR is just as important as having a financial expert who can lead finance or a marketing expert who leads marketing. Without this core belief and confidence by our CEO, then the job would be tough and undo-able. Lastly, I love the people here, what my company stands for and the difference we make in thousands of patients’ lives every single day. 

How do you use your SDHR Roundtable membership in your current role?

SDHR Roundtable offers many wonderful opportunities for HR professionals to stay current, and to benchmark within the field. Whenever I need some guidance or best practice guidelines, I refer to SDHR Roundtable to find the answers. SDHR Roundtable is also a great resource for job leads, for networking with local colleagues and for staying on top of the latest developments and news in HR. Thank you for all the years of service, the continued growth and for all the support you have given each and every one of us. Keep up the good work.

When did you join SDHR Roundtable?

I have been a member from the beginning. I always looked to SDHR Roundtable for my own professional development and learning opportunities. The legal updates, educational seminars, social and networking events, and forums that SDHR Roundtable offers are all great professional assets. I look forward to the continued success and future growth of SDHR Roundtable.   

Sanel invites you to connect with him on LinkedIn at

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