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Wednesday, October 01, 2014 01:53 PM

Through Shorago Training Services, which she started in 2008, Alisa provides engaging and informative on-site seminars throughout California and the United States. Her training specialties include not only sexual harassment training but also business writing (including email writing), legal writing, business professionalism and etiquette, and workplace communication skills.  Her training clients include Stanford University Research Compliance Office, Toastmasters International, and Papa John’s Pizza, among many others. She’s been featured as a training expert on television and in print media, and is a sought-after speaker, appearing in front of groups like PMI (Project Management Institute), Connected Women of Influence, and Girl Scouts of America. She also spoke at the National SHRM Conference in Orlando in 2014. She also writes on legal issues, has taught at several San Diego colleges and universities, and served on the board of directors of several local organizations, including California Women Lawyers. We asked Alisa some questions about her career in HR, and her membership in San Diego HR Roundtable.

Why did you choose Human Resources as a career?

As a litigator, I saw so many lawsuits arise from employees' lack of oral or written communication skills (or sometimes just the failure to stop first and think before communicating). I decided it would be much more satisfying to help prevent these situations than deal with them at the litigation stage. As an adjunct professor, I knew that I loved education. So I started my company providing HR training on compliance and employee professional development.

Tell us about Shorago Training Services.

I provide useful and fun training that helps employees with what to say and do - and what not to say and do. Training areas include ethics and harassment prevention training, as well as email writing, workplace communication, and business professionalism.

What do you enjoy most about your current role?

I love it when you can see a lightbulb go on over participants' heads. Maybe they now know a better way to get their point across in an email or in person. Or a tool for assessing whether communication is risky resonates for them. Or they now understand why professionalism is so important and how it benefits them. I also really enjoy when my participants are having more fun than they thought - let's face it, some of my topics, like AB 1825 training or email writing, are not usually everyone's favorite topic. Finally, it makes me feel great when I feel like I've helped ensure that a company's work environment stays (or becomes more) positive and productive.    

How do you use your SDHR Roundtable membership in your current role?

Like a lot of corporate educators, I love not only teaching but learning. The Lunch & Learns are an ideal place to do both. I've led a few, which were really fun and an enjoyable way to give back. The ones I've attended as a participant have provided me with very helpful information in a number of HR areas.

Alisa invites you to connect with her on LinkedIn at

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