Member Spotlight: Stacy Zapar October 2015 Print
Thursday, October 01, 2015 01:53 PM

Stacy Zapar, Tenfold Social Training

One of the benefits of membership in SDHR is access to top notch workshops led by amazing speakers. Stacy's an 18-year recruiting veteran for Fortune 500 tech companies and an advisor for Zappos, TripAdvisor, Restoration Hardware and many others. She is the Most Connected Woman on LinkedIn since 2008 and was named 2015 Trendsetter of the Year for Talent Acquisition by SHRM, and ranked #6 on Huffinton Post's Top 100 Most Socail HR Experts on Twitter. Stacy recently held an all-day recruiting workshop for SDHR which was a huge success.  If ever there was a trainer who divulged all their trade secrets without refrain, it's Stacy. She's motivated to share all her knowledge with other recruiters because she wants to elevate the standards of recruiting practices as a whole. Her passion for the subject radiates and is highly infectious! For those of you who attended the workshop, please share your thoughts about it in ourForum. Don't worry, Stacy will be back for more workshops in the future, and we'll keep you posted!

Connect with Stacy on Twitter @StacyZapar.

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