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Thursday, August 01, 2013 01:53 PM

“Outside of work, my volunteer work keeps me really busy,” Teresa says. “I have a very sweet 7 year old Golden Retriever named Rocket; he is a Certified Therapy Dog through Love on a Leash.  We do anywhere from two to five therapy visits per week, which can be a lot on top of working full time and fitting in time for exercise and workouts.  Rocket loves people of all ages! We visit the Veterans at the VA Hospital, a number of senior care facilities, individual hospice patients, and college students from UCSD.  We also do quarterly distress events during finals week for other local colleges, we visit local libraries where the little kids read to the dogs, and other special events as they come up. You can find our chapter on Facebook and follow us by searching “Love on a Leash-San Diego Central Chapter”.  Our chapter has about 50 to 60 active therapy teams that do about 60 to 70 therapy visits monthly.”

Why did you choose Human Resources as a career?
I worked hard to help pay for college, and I gravitated toward customer service positions and retail roles.  I have always enjoyed working with people and helping others, and human resources seemed to be the best fit for where I wanted to grow my career.

When did you join SDHR Roundtable?
I joined the SD HR Roundtable early in its inception.  I don’t recall exactly maybe around 2005 or 2006.

How do you use your SDHR Roundtable membership in your current role? 
The group has changed a lot and evolved a lot over the last five to six years.  As the membership has grown the changes to the group have been wonderful.  It has continued to help meet the needs of its members due to the rapid growth.  I mostly use my membership for connecting and meeting new people, networking and staying abreast of the latest in the ever-changing HR field.  I enjoy the Lunch & Learn workshops and the quarterly get-together.

Teresa left SAIC in June 2013, and is looking for a new role in Human Resources in San Diego.  She feels the San Diego HR Roundtable community is a great resource for her in this search, and encourages you to connect with her on LinkedIn, or by email.

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