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Friday, November 01, 2013 01:53 PM

Since 2009, Michael has been the CEO of Human Potential Tools LLC, a start-up that focuses on the body of content known as emotional intelligence or eIQ™ – the eighteen competencies that are proven to make the difference between average performance and star performance in business and in life. His new company has a mission to expand the practical application of emotional intelligence in the business community by building mobile and web applications. Ultimately, he plans to introduce the eIQ™ apps to the general public. Michael joined the board of San Diego Human Resources Roundtable in 2012, and we asked him for his insights into the role of human resources and SDHR Roundtable in San Diego’s future growth.

Where do you see Human Resources in San Diego going in the next five to ten years?
If we as a business community pay attention to the real needs of our economy, we will be doing everything we can to promote the growth of small businesses. Fostering new small businesses that are built on innovation and have the potential to blossom into significant contributors to the economy is especially important. The implications for HR are significant. Whereas the current popular interest of HR membership organizations seems to be centered around the specific needs of the large and mid-size enterprises these days, the real need is to equip a cadre of HR professionals who are prepared to effectively and efficiently handle the needs of small business. This means developing HR professionals that are diversified and broad in their skill sets. It also means being prepared to address small business needs in innovative ways as well. This is a new type HR professional – a highly skilled, business savvy person who can lead and build an HR function from startup to growth phase. This person needs to be capable of simultaneously supporting multiple small businesses (who don’t yet need full time HR support) and/or capable of starting as an HR function of one and building it into many as the organization develops. This requires confidence and broad knowledge of everything from HR law, OD, Talent management, recruiting, culture development and basic business and finance principles.

Why did you choose to join the board of SDHR Roundtable?
Because this type of HR professional is rare today. The ones that have this type of broad background and experience are either too expensive for small business or already employed by mid-sized to big businesses.  As a Board Member, I am committed to promoting programs and opportunities for the less experienced and/or solo HR practitioner to become this new type of HR professional. And SDHR Roundtable is perfectly poised to do this. Michael invites you to connect with him on LinkedIn at

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