Member Spotlight: Sandy Costanzo February 2014 Print
Saturday, February 01, 2014 01:53 PM

Why did you choose Human Resources as a career?
My career actually started in accounting.  When I worked in accounting, I worked closely with the human resources team.  They were so nice and helpful I often thought it would be so cool to have a chance to work in human resources.  My wishes came true and I was offered the opportunity to start a new career, and 15 years later, I still work in human resources, and love it!

What do you enjoy most about your current role at National Pen?
We are a diverse group of fantastic people at National Pen.   Every day is an adventure, I never know what to expect when I walk in the office in the morning.  The biggest reward is finding a solution – whether it is helping an employee, or for the company.  From a product perspective, I have a better appreciation for pens, and always take a second look at a personalized pen, and wonder, “is this one of ours”?

When did you join SDHR Roundtable?
I’ve been a member since 2008.

How do you use your SDHR Roundtable membership in your current role?
The membership is great for information gathering and networking.    The Lunch & Learn sessions are a great way to learn about new information in our field.  Also the convenience of posting a job opening on the website is a big plus.

Tell us a little more about National Pen.
National Pen is one of the largest promotional products company in the world, servicing over 20 countries in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.  We manufacture and sell products internationally through direct mail, telesales, web, retail, and distributor channels.  We are headquartered in San Diego, California, with facilities in Tennessee, Mexico, Ireland and China.  National Pen’s unique niche is the ability to personalize a promotional product to a customer’s specific needs for low volume production batches. Sandy invites you to connect with her on LinkedIn, and you can find her profile here:

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