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Saturday, March 01, 2014 01:53 PM

How do you think your new role of Membership Director supports the San Diego HR Roundtable mission and vision?
As an organization whose primary goal is to “leverage the collective knowledge and experience of our membership base” for the mutual benefit of the entire SDHR community, enhancing the membership experience of HR professionals is crucial to SDHR’s mission.  My role as the Membership Director will be to help facilitate, identify and engage those HR professionals who are committed to the achievement of SDHR’s goals by partnering with other professionals in a collaborate environment.   Applying the experience and knowledge of its membership, SDHR will provide an integrated view of topics of common interest.  San Diego HR Roundtable will strive for excellence in member services through the development and production of both products and services created exclusively for its members.

What are your plans for 2014?
“I have a few goals for this year,” Barbara laughs. “My list includes”

  • developing services that will ultimately benefit the HR community as a whole;
  • establishing relationships with other organizations in the community to maximize member experience and reduce cost;
  • increasing member participation in workshops, meetings, and networking functions;
  • ensuring timely response to member inquiries and requests for information;
  • creating processes for regularly identifying member needs;
  • and developing and managing process of member feedback on programs and services.

Our goal is to provide outstanding customer service by responding to requests in a timely fashion, to listen to our members, to continually upgrade our services to meet today’s HR needs, and to provide the ultimate HR membership value.

What do you want SDHR Roundtable members to take away from our conversation?
I want members to know that I welcome their feedback on every aspect of the member experience.  I’m available to answer questions, discuss ideas, and simply connect with members of the community.

Barbara invites you to connect with her on LinkedIn, and you can find her profile here: Or, you can reach her by email at

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