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Tuesday, April 01, 2014 01:52 PM

Jennifer Johnson, MBA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, President and Chairman of the Board

Jennifer Johnson brings a top-performing sales career, insider experience with the executive leadership and coaching field, and an MBA in Human Resource/Organizational Development to her career in San Diego human resources. Prior to taking on the role of Human Resources Manager for the Americas at Piksel, Inc., in November 2013, Jennifer specialized in recruiting with her consultancy Executive Yenta, focusing not just on skills but on making the right match for the team and the company. As President of Star HR Consulting, a HR and HR Development firm she co-founded, she offered cutting edge HR consulting to a growing roster of new clients. A serial entrepreneur, her experience with her own businesses allows her to offer expert guidance to today’s start-up company, whose growth depends significantly on the quality of its people. Jennifer is passionate about developing processes, crafting leadership strategies, and building future HR visions that honor an organization’s potential as well as its present. Her development experience, executive leadership background and mad social media skills made Jennifer a natural choice for Julie Magnuson when the founder and former President of SDHR Roundtable sought to hand off the baton. We spoke to Jennifer about SDHR and her plans for the future.

Why did you choose HR as a career?
I firmly believe that HR chooses you, you don’t choose HR. My career includes stints in sales, admissions, and executive leadership – but human resources is by far the best fit. HR has allowed me to have the strongest impact in the business world, by helping people make better decisions, and helping businesses make better decisions about people. For me, HR has been a godsend, because it touches all parts of my personality. HR allows me to use my right brain ‘people skills’ while digging into payroll and ROI with my left brain.

Why did you take on the presidency of SDHR?
My work at Piksel allows me to build a department aligned with the company’s vision and global strategy – I love that. I’ve joined something very cool and I’m contributing to its success. And SDHR Roundtable is committed to the San Diego community, always trying to excite people about HR by sharing information, resources and ideas – we say it’s all about staying connected and I believe that. We all need to use the resources we have at our fingertips. Both roles allow me to help people become a better and greater part of their communities and I love that.

What are the Board’s plans for SDHR 2014?
We’re excited about doing a different kind of Happy Hour – taking them beyond the usual ‘meet and greet’ to include social activities, with a larger part of our community, in different venues and parts of the county. We are always working toward making SDHR Roundtable more inclusive, connected and fun! Also, we’ve become a Preferred Provider of HRCI credits, which will offer greater learning opportunities for our members and will make getting HRCI credits an easier part of your schedule. Also, we’re using social media to stay connected to the members with the launch of our members-only LinkedIn group, plus more relevant content for the SDHR Roundtable community at large.

What role do you see SDHR Roundtable playing in the HR community in San Diego in five years?
Our goal for the future is to grow a thriving community in the forums on our website, while making the site the go-to source for San Diego and Southern California HR talent and member job postings. We plan to bring the SDHR Roundtable ‘recipe’ to other cities in southern CA, and eventually the rest of the United States, because we strongly believe that what we offer the HR community is special and valuable to the profession.

What do you want SDHR Roundtable members to take away from our conversation?
The strength of the HR community is its members, and we want SDHR Roundtable to be your primary source for professional growth, community, and connection.

Jennifer invites members to join the LinkedIn Members Only group, and encourages all members to participate in the Member Spotlight. We want to profile you in an upcoming newsletter, so if you’re interested, please email us at

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