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Elisabeth is on a mission to transform the employee experience--starting with her own. After surviving some great examples of how not to engage employees, she was inspired to show leaders how to do it right. One master's degree, two HR certifications, and a decade of experiences later, she's building the kind of companies you want to work for. She does this through a combination of HR best practices, continuous quality improvement, and a focus on respect and ongoing learning.

Her accomplishments include reading all the Harry Potter books more than once, eating Girl Scout cookies in more than one sitting, and launching a new HR department where she established all the processes and set an extremely high bar for customer service. Yes, she's proud of those accomplishments in that order.

Originally from New England, she has made her way across the country and most recently relocated from Chicago. She began attending SDHR Roundtable events in 2016, found the group to be highly welcoming, and joined the Board of Directors to become more involved. She’s loving the ongoing opportunities to meet more members of the San Diego community, and looks forward to meeting you. Connect with her at www.linkedin.com/in/elisabethgwaltz.